Dental Checkups

You may think your teeth are in good condition but regular professional care is essential. Your dentist can help prevent problems, detect them as they appear tackle problems early. This will save suffering, costs and time in the long term.

The dentist can set the recall times for your dental health maintenance that corresponds to your risk and at the same time monitor your home care program. If you have concerns about the appearance of your teeth, the dentist may have simple solution. The dentist can also improve the appearance of your teeth. Your dentist can repair damaged, stained or chipped teeth. It is also possible to improve colour, shape and close the gaps between teeth. There are options to replace missing teeth. Following a check-up you will know what required to be done in your mouth & the cost involved with each solution for the problem and how urgently you should address them. You will be given the item numbers involved in the treatment you have chosen to talk to you private health insurance fund to make a more definite financial decision prior to committing. If you happen to take up a treatment on the day of your first check-up visit you fee for the check-up will be discounted. Check-ups are not including X-rays of any other test that may be necessary to diagnose the problem.